Hindu Genocide

The BIGGEST ongoing genocide the world forgot

Can you guess the number of Hindus killed/raped/force converted/ tortured for being Hindus? The numbers of the Hindu Genocide?


300 Million

Killed by Islamic Jihadists


5 Million


1 Million

~100 Hindu Women Are Converted to Islam PER DAY

2274 Hindu women converted to Islam by #LoveJihad from 2006-2012 as per official numbers given by ex-CM Chandy.

7714 in total were converted to Islam from 2006-2012. This is just the figure till 2012.

Some extrapolation, taking Kerala as representative of the rest of the country, we arrive at the figure of: 56 women/girls legally converted to Islam PER DAY. Unofficial number, including abductions & rape will be near 100.

This is a strategic, hidden, ongoing Hindu Genocide, which misses the eyes because it happens as isolated cases spread across a huge geography.

Yet, it is happening.

Source: India Today & Vashi Sharma
Woman Image: MichaƂ Huniewicz