2020 - Database of Crimes Against Hindus

The table below gives the database of crimes against Hindus, for the year 2020. It includes all crimes and persecution of Hindus, where they are targeted for being Hindu.

The total number is the number of lives affected.

Wherever exact number is not stated by news reports, a conservative estimate has been taken. This estimate is conservative, and highly likely to be less than or very close to the actual number. In no way has any number been purposely inflated.

Estimating Conversions by Christian Evangelists (Updated till 10 Sep 2020):

Assuming 2.3% Christian population, and considering population of India to be 1.38 billion, we take the figure of 3.9% evangelical growth from the website of Joshua project. Assume that Hindus are 80% of Indian population. For large population, we can assume that the %age of Hindus in convert population is same as %age of Hindu overall population. Then, the number of christian conversions till September (8 months) is approximately = (1380*0.023 * 0.039 * 0.8 * 2/3) = 0.66 Million. Normally, we should compensate for the natural growth of population among the community, but since 2019 India population was 1.366 billion, and 2020 population is 1.38 billion, and population growth is slower in smaller communities, the natural growth is unlikely to be significant compared to 660 million. Moreover, it might cancel out the number of conversions OUT of Christianity. Joshua project website states that their numbers might be 2.3% lower than given (which we have not accounted for). Hence the final number is likely to be close to the actual.

The purpose of the database is to track the number, location and nature of these crimes, and bring justice to Hindus worldwide by realizing the severity of the problem.

Total Number for 2020:



wdt_ID Perpetrator Date Location State Country Type of Crime Number of Victims Reference Link Short Summary
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