Islamic Jihad

Moplah Hindu Genocide, 1921: 2500 Hindus Slaughtered

Perpetrator: Moplah/ Mappila Muslims of Kerala Year: 1921-22 Number: 2500 Hindus slaughtered, atleast 26000 fled as refugees, atleast 2500 forcibly converted, sexually assaulted, and more than 100 Hindu temples destroyed. The Moplah Hindu Genocide, or the Malabar Rebellion, or the Mappila Rebellion, or the Moplah Riots refer to a series of incidents in the history

148 Cases of Sex Crimes Against Hindus in 2019 by Jihadis

Perpetrator: Jihadi MuslimsDate: 1 Jan – 10 May, 2019Number: 148 Sex crimes of Jihad against Hindus, especially minors, is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. The year 2019 (till 10 May, 2019) alone has 148* reported cases of sex crimes against Hindus. That’s 148 crimes in 129 days. All the crimes are carried out

The Cancer of 'Love Jihad' Destroying Hindus

How Love Jihad spreads like Cancer through the Hindu society, destroying its cultural fabric

4.75M Hindus Killed or Displaced in Pakistan During Partition, & The Plight of Those Who Remained

4.75M Hindus & 2.25M Sikhs were persecuted in Pakistan during partition & those remaining, live in utter misery. A saga of atrocities & genocide as yet untold.

9000 Hindus Converted in Madrasa

Maulvi Yaqoob estimates that around 9,000 conversions have taken place at the Madarsa during the last 15 years.

Seventh Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus - 6L Hindus Estranged Overnight

Perpetrator: Islamic insurgents in Kashmir Year: 1990 Number: 600,000 Kashmiri Hindus forced to flee On January 19, 1990, Bharat witnessed the mass exodus of Kashmiri HindusThey were given 3 options: — CONVERT (to Islam)— LEAVE— DIE An estimated 300,000-800,000 Kashmiri Hindus emptied out of the Kashmir Valley overnight. Many died, and do not live to

2002 Attack on Akshardham Temple - 34 Hindus Killed, 80 Injured

Perpetrator: Muslim Extremists Year: 2002 Number: 34 Hindus killed, 80 injured On 24 September, 2002, two armed Jihadi terrorists attacked the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, killing 34 Hindus and injuring another 80. They used hand grenades and automatic weapons. National Security Guards gunned down the Jihadis the same night. On 25 September 2002, Prime

2002 Godhara Riots - 312 Hindus Killed

59 Hindus burned alive in Sabarmati train attack by Muslim mobs and 254 killed in subsequent riots.

Partition: Jinnah's Call For Jihad on Hindus to Demand Pakistan

Jinnah was the mastermind behind the creation and separation of Pakistan. Most people who did not sleep in their history classes would know that. But what 99% of the above people do not know is that Jinnah orchestrated a planned Jihad on Hindus on Direct Action Day and later, instructing all Muslims to continue atrocities

1946 Great Calcutta Killings - Direct Action Day

The Great Calcutta Killings or the Week of the Long Knives saw a massacre of 5000 Hindus in 72 hrs by goons of Muslim League, on direction of Jinnah

Noakhali Massacre of 1946 - 5000 Hindus Killed, 3.5L Forced to Convert to Islam

Noakhali Massacre of 1946 – 5000 Hindus Killed, 3.5L Forced to Convert to Islam. Orchestrated by Muslim League, it was a planned, staged massacre of Hindus.

Muslim Riots of East Bengal in 1950 - 5.6M Hindus Massacred Or Estranged

The Muslim riots of East Bengal in 1950 are one of the most blood curdling massacre of Hindus, where 5.6million Hindus were killed, raped or forced to flee.

Ruthless Massacre of Hindus in 1971 War of East Pakistan - 2.5M Slaughtered

Ruthless Massacre of Hindus – 2.5M Slaughtered in 1971 War of East Pakistan

Tipu Sultan Killed, Enslaved 1.6L Hindus

Tipu Sultan Killed, Enslaved 1.6 Lakh Hindus by trickery

Mahmud of Ghazni Raided 17 times, Enslaved or Killed 2 Million Hindus

Mahmud of Ghazni Raided Hindustan 17 times, Enslaved or Killed 2 Million Hindus

Timur Slaughtered, Enslaved 7.5 Lakh Hindus in ONE Day

As a conservative estimate, generals of Timur slaughtered or enslaved atleast 7.5 Lakh Hindus in just one day, the day of victory in Delhi.

Christian Conversions

Church Converts 50k Hindus in Nepal

Perpetrator: Church Militant Year: 2017 Number: 50,000 Christian missionaries in Nepal have been proactively working towards converting Hindus to Christianity, by playing the caste card. They regularly demean Hinduism as a religion, by stating that “Dalits” or “lower caste Hindus” are mistreated as per the religion. Unfortunately, mainstream Hindus have no idea that Hinduism does

2.27M Hindus Converted by Christian Missionary

2.27M Hindus Converted by one Christian Missionary group from 2012-2017

Christian Missionary Group Converts 23,000 Hindus

Christian Missionary Group Illegally Converts 23,000 Hindus, declaring how they are “Born again.”

1 Million Hindus Converted to Christianity in 1 Year

Perpetrator: Water of Life Year: 2018 Number: 1,000,000 Hindus converted to Christianity As a methodology, the Christian organization called Water of Life goes to remote villages in India, where they drill wells, and baptize entire villages who take water from those wells. They run fund raisers to raise funds from innocuous donors for these projects.

The Joshua Project - To Convert All Humanity to Christianity

Unlike Hindus, who have no clue about their own religion or culture, leave alone knowing what is happening to Hinduism on a global scale, or to take intelligent, strategical steps to counter it, Christians are extremely organized in their goal of converting all of humanity to their “faith.” The Joshua project, which is a worldwide

Political Crimes

Massacre of Myanmar Hindus

Political Crimes

Genocide of Hindu Saints on Gopashtami by Indira Gandhi - 1966

Political Crimes

Maharashtran Brahmin Genocide - 8000 Killed

Political Crimes

1984 Sikh Genocide - 10,000 Sikhs Massacred, 50,000 Displaced

Political Crimes


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Attacks on Hindu Temples in 2019 - Cultural Genocide of Hindus

Hindu temples have been the target of anti Hindu elements since the time of Islamic invaders. In line with the Islamic ideology of Jihad, Islamic invaders didn’t just destroy Hindu temples, but desecrated Hindu deities, by using them as rubble for mosque construction, or worse, by mutilating their private parts. This was to establish religious

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Hindus Are Already a Minority

India is the country home to maximum number of Hindus, but a closer look a the rate of growth of Hindus vs other religions, its implications, reasons and requirement is much needed. It is worthwhile to revisit the statistics and do some mathematics. It is popularly believed that Hindus are in majority in India. While