Palghar Mob Lynching of Hindu Mahants of Juna Akhada

On 16 Apr, 2020, Hindu Mahants of Shri Panch Dashnam Juna Akhada were traveling from Maharashtra to Gujarat to attend the funeral of their Guru Late Srimahant Ram Giri ji Maharaj. They were attacked by a violent mob of 200+ people who pelted stones on them and overturned their vehicle. Someone approached the police in the nearby police station. The sadhus can be seen appealing to the police officer, holding his hand, and him handing over the sadhu to the violent mob who lynch him brutally even as he bleeds and collapses. The two sadhus are Sri Kalpavriksha Giri ji Maharaj and Sri Sushil Giri ji Maharaj. They are accompanied by their assistant, the driver Nilesh Telgane, who was also brutally lynched.

Letter by Juna Akhada

As is clearly seen in the video, the Sadhu asked the police to help him when attacked, but the police officer hands him over to the angry, rearing mob. The sadhu is brutally beaten to death. The mob is rejoicing on seeing him collapse. Yet, this video has neither caught the attention of international media, nor of any NGO’s nor of mainstream media.

The attack looks planned, because the angry mob has batons, scimitars and other weapons with which they brutally beat the sadhus. These cannot be spontaneously procured by so many people in a remote tribal village.

After the carnage, even the dead bodies of the victims were just wrapped in their own blood-soaked clothes. No ambulance was provided for carrying their dead bodies, and their bodies were dumped in a dumper, and disrespectfully dragged to the post-mortem site. Even a sheet or polythene was not spread under their dead bodies.

Police is Hand in Glove

How did a mob of 200+ people gather in a tribal village in a lockdown? 

Illegal Bangladeshis were caught in Palghar recently. Moreover the people in the video are heard speaking Assamese. There is every possibility that the perpetrators are not locals and this was a planned attack on the Mahants, in sync with missionaries and naxals.

How did police allow such brutality over a SUSPICION, as the media claims? Why did the police stand there as mute spectators? If the people thought the sadhus were in the wrong, at most an arrest and investigation was required. It is not the job of the police, nor that of people to take justice in their own hands. Why did the police allow such an atrocity while they stood there, watching three innocent lives beaten to death?

Police has given curt, ambiguous statements, with no explanations on why they failed to act on the issue for FOUR DAYS. They replied on social media after outrage on Twitter on 20 Apr, whereas the incident occurred on 16 Apr.

Media Obfuscates the Truth

Media has been trying to paint it as a case of mistaken identity, whereas it is a clear case of a hate crime against Hindus saints. The claim that police was beaten and was helpless whereas the opposite is CLEAR from the video. This is an attempt to fool the public who they assume will not fact check the reality nor have access to original incident footage. Unfortunately for media, we found the footage, which clearly shows a brutal atrocity and the lies of media.

Neither the identities of the criminals, nor their real intentions have been revealed anywhere. In any other scenario, had the victims belonged to the minority, there would have been an outrage against the perpetrators no holds barred.

Growth of Christianity and Naxals in Palghar

The tribal area is dotted with missionaries and maoists. In the last few years, many new churches have cropped up, and many Hindus have been illegally converted to Christianity.

One year ago, Juna akhada had coronated an SC/ST Mahmandaleshwar in Juna Akhada, who took up the responsibility of “ghar wapsi” or reverse conversion of tribals back to Hinduism, freeing them from the clutches of Christianity and Islam. Mahamandaleshwar Kanhaiya Prabhunand Giri.

Juna Akhada has been holding the fort for Hindus, working for the human rights of Hindu tribals in the village, which has seen a fast growing population of Maoists and Churches in the last few years.

As soon as the arrests were made, Christian missionaries have initiated the process of procuring bail for all those arrested. Why should they care about those arrested if they are not linked with them?

Hindu Saints Have Been Persecuted Relentlessly

This is not the first such attack. There have been several such brutalities on Hindu sadhus, though they perhaps did not make the headlines in the mainstream media.

Hindu Saints Seek Justice

Sri Narendra Giri ji Maharaj, head of the Akhada Parishad, has given a strong statement condemning the attack and heinous crime, and asking for strong action against the criminals.


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