Category: Christian Conversion

Conversion of Hindus to Christianity by fraudulent means or force.

Church Converts 50k Hindus in Nepal

Perpetrator: Church Militant Year: 2017 Number: 50,000 Christian missionaries in Nepal have been proactively working towards converting Hindus to Christianity, by playing the caste card. They regularly demean Hinduism as a religion, by stating that “Dalits” or “lower caste Hindus” are mistreated as per the religion. Unfortunately, mainstream Hindus have no idea that Hinduism does […]

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1 Million Hindus Converted to Christianity in 1 Year

Perpetrator: Water of Life Year: 2018 Number: 1,000,000 Hindus converted to Christianity As a methodology, the Christian organization called Water of Life goes to remote villages in India, where they drill wells, and baptize entire villages who take water from those wells. They run fund raisers to raise funds from innocuous donors for these projects. […]

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The Joshua Project – To Convert All Humanity to Christianity

Unlike Hindus, who have no clue about their own religion or culture, leave alone knowing what is happening to Hinduism on a global scale, or to take intelligent, strategical steps to counter it, Christians are extremely organized in their goal of converting all of humanity to their “faith.” The Joshua project, which is a worldwide […]

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