Church Converts 50k Hindus in Nepal

Perpetrator: Church Militant

Year: 2017

Number: 50,000

Christian missionaries in Nepal have been proactively working towards converting Hindus to Christianity, by playing the caste card. They regularly demean Hinduism as a religion, by stating that “Dalits” or “lower caste Hindus” are mistreated as per the religion. Unfortunately, mainstream Hindus have no idea that Hinduism does not contain the so called “caste system,” and eagerly buy this lie, which is fanned by the Communist groups within these Hindu communities.

The Dalits are Hindus who are basically “nobodies” and labeled “untouchables.” The discrimination they face daily have drawn them to embrace Jesus Christ. They are the lowest in India’s caste system and can get severely beaten for petty incidents.

These kind of lies and defamation of Hinduism paints an ugly picture of Hinduism as a whole, and promotes the narrative of Hinduphobia to masses in general.

These Christian missionaries claim to “save” Hindus, and the Hindus who convert do not realize, that after conversions, they simply become “Dalit Christians.” They are not in any way emancipated from their lower societal status.

If Christianity is so opposed to lower and higher status, there should be no terms like “Dalit Christians.” But as is clear, this is not so.

Using this narrative, Church Militant, a Christian missionary organization in Nepal, has converted 50,000 Hindus in just one year.