9000 Hindus Converted in Madrasa

Perpetrator: Pir Ayub Jan Sarhadi’s Madrasa in Samaro

Year: 2016/2017

Number: 9000 total Hindus converted

Maulvi Yaqoob estimates that around 9,000 conversions have taken place at the Madarsa during the last 15 years. More recently though they have started maintaining a record, and he can confirm that last year, around 850 Hindus underwent conversion here.

Many such Madrasas flourish in remote parts of India, where the government and human rights organizations cannot reach, and Madrasas fan their conversion agendas by various means, like giving better facilities as a carrot to troubled Hindus.

They change their life and lifestyles for good, leaving behind families of converted under age girls in eternal grief. Most of these girls are abducted or fooled into deserting their homes, leaving their families in dismay, with no solutions.

“At least 25 conversions of young Hindu girls and women take place every month in Umerkot’s Kunri and Samaro talukas alone,” said an activist from a local human rights organisation. “This area is so deprived and the people, most of whom belong to the scheduled castes, are so powerless that the families know there’s no use in them reporting forced conversions to the police, let alone raising a hue and cry.”

The Dawn

Few of these forced conversion cases make it into the mainstream media. According to a list compiled from news reports by the organisation mentioned above, in 2015 and 2016, only 13 Hindus in the Samaro and Kunri talukas converted to Islam. Whereas real numbers are in hundreds.

The Pir’s brother, voluble and expansive, clearly takes pride in the institution’s reputation as a one-stop shop for no-questions-asked conversions. “We’ve converted untold numbers of Hindus to Islam,” he said, declaring himself unable to give a precise figure.

The Dawn

Marriage of underage girls has been illegal all over the country, but there is no clear clause on the conversion of under-age children. This loophole in the law is exploited easily by the Madarsa and affiliated organizations, which pull the strings of those responsible for passing such a law or bill.

“After the hue and cry over forced conversions in Umerkot and Tharparkar districts, the Sindh Assembly passed a bill against the practice in November 2016. But before the governor could sign it into law, some religious organisations threatened widespread agitation if the government did not withdraw it. Their main objection was to the provision stipulating that the conversion of underage individuals would not be formally recognised until they reached the age of majority. The attempted legislation was mothballed. Now however, the government has announced it will review the bill again. To what end, it is difficult to predict.”

The Dawn

Converted girls are later forced into marriage to Muslims, and thus become a victim of Love Jihad. Their future is destroyed, and they have little prospects.




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