The biggest, longest ONGOING genocide in the history of mankind

For centuries, Hindus have suffered a genocide of every type - massacre, forced conversions, Jihad, and much more. Yet, even Hindus don't know about it...





440 Million

Atrocities of Islamic Jihad

Hindus killed/ raped/ forced to convert

But history books don't mention it...

Mass Conversions to Christianity

6.78 Million

Hindus forced/ blackmailed to convert

But mainstream media is blind to it...

87.4 Million

Political Crimes Against Hindus

Hindus murdered/ raped/ tortured

But no human rights organization steps forward to salvage the crimes...

Every other day,

a minor Hindu girl is abducted & raped,

a village is unlawfully converted to Christianity,

a Naxal slaughters a Hindu,

a Hindu temple is vandalized...

But Hindus carry on with life as usual...

2274 Hindu women converted to Islam by 'Love Jihad' from 2006-2012 in Kerala alone.

Estimate for India:

56 women/girls legally converted to Islam PER DAY.

Unofficial number, including abductions & rape will be near 100 PER DAY



And counting...

The first step towards solving a problem is acknowledging it...

Hindus are under siege, and don't even know it, don't even want to talk about it.

In a few decades, Hindus can become history. Numbers don't lie.

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Learn more about the history and current crimes against Hindus. Don't be a soldier sleeping in war.


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