Ruthless Massacre of Hindus in 1971 War of East Pakistan – 2.5M Slaughtered

One of the biggest Hindu genocides, willfully suppressed and hidden from the knowledge of Indians is the massacre of Hindus in the war of East Pakistan.

The Pakistan Army unleashed a terror equal to that of the Islamic invaders, when they mercilessly slaughtered Hindus who were migrating out of East Pakistan – now known as Bangladesh. Their heads were chopped off, entire trains and buses were set to fire, without allowing any escapes, Hindu women were stripped, dead bodies kept on piling on top of each other, with no place or means to dispose them with last rites. At one point, the dead looked more in number than the living. That is because out of the 3 million Hindus who were migrating out of East Pakistan, 2.5 million were slaughtered ruthlessly.

This number is verified by the population statistics of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Government.

‘Field reports to the U.S. Government, countless eye-witness journalistic accounts, reports of International agencies such as World Bank and additional information available to the subcommittee document the reign of terror which grips East Bengal (East Pakistan). HARDEST HIT HAVE BEEN MEMBERS OF THE HINDU COMMUNITY WHO HAVE BEEN ROBBED OF THEIR LANDS AND SHOPS, SYSTEMATICALLY SLAUGHTERED, AND IN SOME PLACES, PAINTED WITH YELLOW PATCHES MARKED “H”. All of this has been officially sanctioned, ordered and implemented under martial law from Islamabad…’

Field report of Sir Edward Kennedy on November 1, 1971
(emphasis added by author of article)

These are accounts of journalists and travelers to East Pakistan, who observed that Hindus were targeted and slaughtered with the utmost cruelty.

In town after town there was an execution area where people had been killed by bayonet, bullet and bludgeon. In some towns, executions were held on a daily basis.” This was a month after the war’s end (i.e. January 1972), … human bones were still scattered along many roadsides. Blood stained clothing and tufts of human hair clung to the brush at these killing grounds. Children too young to understand were playing grotesque games with skulls. OTHER REMINDERS WERE THE YELLOW “H”s THE PAKISTANIS HAD PAINTED ON THE HOMES OF HINDUS, PARTICULAR TARGETS OF THE MUSLIM ARMY.”

The Pakistani Slaughter That Nixon Ignored, Syndicated Column by Sydney Schanberg, New York Times, May 3, 1994

Yet, no international organization, no human rights body, no mainstream media, no history books even refer to this carnage meted out to Hindus.

The descriptions of witnesses and numbers alone are enough to make one balk. Which is precisely why it is purposely hidden from public knowledge by governments and powerful religious groups.


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Adam Jones