Tipu Sultan Killed, Enslaved 1.6L Hindus

Perpetrator: Tipu Sultan

Year/Period: 1760-1790 AD

Number: 160,000 killed or enslaved & forced to convert

Popularly called as the “Tiger of Mysore,” Tipu was in fact a fanatic dictator who suffered defeat 31 times at the hands of the Kodavas. When it was clear he had not the valour to defeat them in war, he resorted to trickery to commit a planned Hindu Genocide.

Inviting the Naal Naad Kodavas for bidding farewell, he hid his huge army in the forest, which he then attacked UNARMED men, women, kids, slaughtering more than 70,000 & enslaving 90,000 Hindus.

Accounts state that the river Cauvery turned red due to the gushing blood from slaughtered Hindus which continued to flow red for 12 days.