The Joshua Project – To Convert All Humanity to Christianity

Unlike Hindus, who have no clue about their own religion or culture, leave alone knowing what is happening to Hinduism on a global scale, or to take intelligent, strategical steps to counter it, Christians are extremely organized in their goal of converting all of humanity to their “faith.”

The Joshua project, which is a worldwide project by Christian evangelists, is one proof of this. They have systematically, statistically organized the demography of every country, along with percentage converted, and degree of difficulty in converting those groups of people.

They are funded by huge lobbies, and go about their work unabashedly, un-apologetically. They market their efforts as bringing the “grace of God” to humanity.

They have done extensive research on the lifestyle, beliefs and habits of each community. For example, this write up explains more about the “Gawaria” community in Rajasthan than most Hindus will know. This research is then used to decide how to “tackle” or manipulate these communities.

What they really do is invade protected areas/people like the Sentinelese tribes, and other remote villages of India (and other countries), and blackmail or fool Hindus into converting to Christianity. They often promise some imaginary benefits to the people, like “your son will be healed,” but have no accountability or even methodology to really help people. They fool people outrageously, and exploit their economic or social status to simply convert them. In one recent case, an entire village of 1 lakh strength, was converted by one Church in one day, just by offering them clean water! They make no effort to create a support system, but dangle the proverbial “carrot” to pretend to help people.

Since these are often areas which are not easily accessible, urban population even hears about these incidents only when the Christians themselves brag about it on Social media! But many such efforts go on continuously, without the “mainstream” Hindus knowing anything about it.

This is a planned, strategic, hidden genocide of Hindus, which is eating into the culture and demography of indigenous tribes and people, leaving them directionless, god-less in the end.