148 Cases of Sex Crimes Against Hindus in 2019 by Jihadis

Perpetrator: Jihadi Muslims
Date: 1 Jan – 10 May, 2019
Number: 148

Sex crimes of Jihad against Hindus, especially minors, is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. The year 2019 (till 10 May, 2019) alone has 148* reported cases of sex crimes against Hindus. That’s 148 crimes in 129 days. All the crimes are carried out by Jihadis – Muslims executing the anti-Hindu doctrine of Islam called “Jihad.” Many such crimes go unreported, or misreported, due to the ulterior agendas of mainstream media. If this is the number of cases that are reported, we can estimate that more than one such crime happens per day.

Many of these are cases of Love Jihad, and an overwhelming number belongs to crimes of rape, abductions, forced conversions, and molestation – collectively called as “Sex Crimes of Jihad” in this article. More than fifty such crimes were committed against Hindu minors, including minor boys. This shows the depravity of the perpetrators, who specifically target innocent children for their lust, and especially Hindu children who are “Kafirs” as per Islam.

These crimes span across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. In a shocking case, a human trafficking gang was busted, which was selling women in Saudi Arabia as sex slaves. Women were abducted from all over India, and sent to Saudi Arabia.

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Most of the crimes in Pakistan are those of abduction, often of minor girls, forced conversion, and child marriage, amounting to rape of minor. This is a trend which is as yet unchecked. Pakistani Hindus are powerless in front of Courts, as the perpetrators get false age & marriage certificates from madrasas, and the Courts do not verify the documents.

Moreover, ‘The Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Bill 2018,’ is as yet pending to be passed in the Pakistan National Assembly. This Bill mandates 18 years as the minimum age for marriage in Pakistan. The opposition to the bill is of the contention that this is against the Sharia Law. Approximately 21% of married women were married when underage in Pakistan. There is no law to check forced conversions to Islam either. There was a mass protest on March 27, 2019, in Pakistan, by Hindus and activists, to bring a law to stop forced conversions, to no avail whatsoever.

A close look at the available facts presents a disconcerting fact: the highest number of sex crimes against Hindus has, so far, happened in India! In the last ~4 months, Indian Hindus have suffered almost 3.5 times that of Pakistan, the latter of which draws some of the world’s attention for its treatment of minorities. But why does the world, and Indian power centers themselves, look the other way, when Hindus are persecuted by minorities? It should also be noted, that this data set is exclusively for crimes of Jihad by Muslims. Why this differential treatment for the same kind of crimes?

Sex Crimes of Jihad Across India

In India, there is a very high rate of sex Jihad against Hindus in Uttar Pradesh, especially in cities which have a high percentage of Muslims. It is noteworthy though, that these are only the reported crimes. In many states, like West Bengal, a very high percentage of crimes go unreported, or are reported in regional languages, and never show up in searches or in English media. Hence, these go unaccounted for.

In many cases, the police refuse to file an FIR, apply POCSO act, or the SC/ST act (in case of SC/ST victims). The identity of the accused is hidden in many of the cases. A high number of cases in India involve rape, followed by murder or forced conversion to Islam. Abductions are common, and there is no government body which addresses or solves this challenge at a national level.

The Plight of Indian Hindus

What is even worse is that whenever Hindus raise their voices against such crimes happening on a mass scale, their voices are suppressed, by filing false cases against them, or by suspending their social media accounts. This is a new trend being followed everywhere, to hide the crimes of Jihad, attacking the Hindu population with the aim of curbing it.

Some of these crimes involved acts like murder of entire family by the Jihadi, and disposing of the dead bodies in a water drum, where they decomposed for several days, undiscovered. In another case, a woman was raped in front of her husband by a vegetable vendor. In yet another case, a woman was burnt alive for refusing the sexual advances of a Jihadi Muslim man. Sexual molestation cases, to a good extent, go unreported, but in the few cases that were reported, a woman was molested by a cab driver. The Jihadis find women by any means possible, and aim to rape them or otherwise convert them into their sex slaves via the marriage and forced conversion route. This is not something unnatural for followers of Jihad, and very much described in the Quran.

Another newer trend is to rape Hindu women, or trap them in Love Jihad and record the sexual act. The recorded video and images of the act are then used by Jihadis to blackmail the woman by floating the images on social media. Many Jihadis extort money and other favours from women based on this blackmail.

The Way Forward…Is There Any?

The saddest part of this dissection of sex crimes of Jihad against Hindus is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Many crimes are falsely reported, or identities are hidden, so they cannot be added as crimes unless there is a first hand report available. This leads to a mass ignorance and inertia on these issues, failing to implement any laws preventing forced conversions. The mass ignorance is also responsible for a growing number of women falling prey to crimes like Love Jihad, which eventually gives them a lifetime of torture and suffering. As there is no government machinery that checks Love Jihad, nor any clear law against it, the crime continues unabated, while the world looks the other way.


Database of Sex Crimes of Jihad against Hindus in 2019

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*The number was last updated on 10 May, 2019