Timur Slaughtered, Enslaved 7.5 Lakh Hindus in ONE Day

Perpetrator: Timur

Year/Period: 1398-99

Number: 1.1 Million Hindus Slaughtered/Enslaved

As a conservative estimate, generals of Timur slaughtered or enslaved atleast 7.5 Lakh Hindus in just one day, the day of victory in Delhi.

A raid by pious Timurlane (Amir Timur –a Turkic/Mogul from Central Asia) in 1398/99 saw 100,000 slaves slaughtered in cold-blood before he attacked Delhi and possibly 200,000-250,000 (or more) plus craftsmen enslaved and taken out of  India (to Samarkand, Central Asia).(Khan p 282, Lal [c] p 544).  In his memoirs on the attack on Delhi, Timur claims his 15,000 Turks EACH “secured from 50 to 100 prisoners……there was no man with less than 20”and that was on just one day, the 17th!   “The other booty was immense”…”women were obtained in such quantities as to exceed all count.”  The areas of Delhi occupied by Muslims weren’t sacked.  The slaughter, mass enslavement and plunder continued as he headed towards his home Samarkand, Central Asia. (Timur’s memoirs, Bostom p 648).

Islam’s Indian slave trade (Part i) in Islam’s genocidal slavery: part I



M. A. Khan, ‘Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery.’